Soal dan Jawaban Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas (UKK) 3 Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas VII (part 1)

Soal dan Jawaban Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas (UKK) 3 Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas VII (part 1)

Soal dan Jawaban Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas (UKK) 3 Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas VII (part 1)
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I. Multiple Choice
      One of the popular sport in Indonesia is Badminton. Many people can play it indoors and outdoors. However, most players play it indoors.
      Playing badminton is very expensive. The nets, rackets, and shuttlecocks are equipments for playing badminton. We can buy nets and rackets in a sport shop. But we can find shuttlecocks in other shops as well. For that reason, people-say that badminton is not cheap because you have to spend much money to play it.
     Susi Susanti is the best woman badminton player in Indonesia. She has won four times in All England championship. She becomes popular because of badminton.

1. Compared with playing other sports, playing badminton is....
A. relatively expensive C. very easy
B. not so expensive D. very cheap

2. Where do most people play badminton?
A. outdoors C. in the ground
B. indoors       D. in the park

3 Badminton is famous ...
This idea stated in the paragraph....
A. 1 
B 2 
C. 3 
D. 4

4 Playing badminton is very expensive.
The antonym of italic wods is
A. easy C. popular
B. cheap D. interesting

How did Angie beat her opponent in Wimbledon Junior Championship?
Ram She got difficulty to beat her opponent. So she worked for it.
A. regulary C. regular
B. hardly D. hard

       Mr. Abraham is a clever tailor. He lives next to my house. He is a hard wSrker. His children. Taufik and Hasan study at a university. They often help their father to buy all things they need to make clothes. Mrs Abraham is a housewife. She often helps her husband. Mr. Abraham i6 very kind. He has many customers.
      Mr. Abraham has three workers. Two of them are sewers and the other is an assistant to the sewers. He helps them prepare the things they need such as needles, buttons, zippers, thread, and material. All the sewers are men. They can work fast. They works overtime if Mr Abraham has much work. They like to do it because Mr. Abraham pays them well for working overtime.
      Now they are working in the room. The room is very large. There are four sewing machine in this room. Mr. Abraham is making the patern for a pair of trousers. The sewers are sewing shirts. The assistant is sewing shorts. They look very busy because they have to finish a large number of clothes.

6 Why does Mr. Abraham have many customers? Because....
A He is clever C. He is so friendly
B He is a nice man D. He works slowly

7 When do the workers have to work overtime?
A. If the workers need more money
B. If the material must be sold
C. If Mr. Abraham has much work to do
D. If the workers will spend their time

6 What is the right tittle of the text?
A Mr. Abraham family C. Mr. Abraham workers
B. Mr. Abraham and son D Mr. Abraham tailor

9. Mr. Abraham is the writer's ....
A dose friend C. sewer
B. parents D.neighbour

10. “They like to do it." The word it refers to....
A sewing the materials C. getting good salary
B. working in the room      D. working overtime

Before Mr. Abraham sew the material, 5-he always makes... first.
A. pocket C------
-B.---pattern D. collar-

12. Deddy What have you done?
Hery : Why?-
Deddy You look ...
Hery Oh. I have played basket baU.
A sad 
B. glad
C. tired 
D. pale

13. GoHan : What will you do in the factory tomorrow?
PatKai : I... a new sewing machine.
A operate C. am operating
B. operated . D. will operate

14. Cecep Where is your parents?
Voti My parents ...abroad since yesterday
A are going C. went
B. will go D. have gone

15. My sister was bom in the third month of the year.
It means (berarti) that she was born in ....
A June
B. July
C. March
D. April

Kunci Jawaban Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas (UKK) 3 Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas VII (part 1)
1. Olahraga badminton termasuk olahraga yang cukup mahal. Kakmat ini terdapat pada bacaan paragraf kedua baris pertama; Playing badminton Is very expensive (Permainan badminton sangat mahal).
Jawaban: A

2. Kebanyakan orang bermain badminton di dalam ruangan (indoors).
Jawaban: B

3. Badminton is famous. Kalimat ini terdapat pada paragraf pertama. Kalimatnya adalah One of popular sport is Badminton. Popular=famous.
Jawaban: A

4. Expensive artinya mahal. Lawan kata expensive adalah cheap (murah).
Jawaban: B

5. Arti kata hard adalah giat.
Jawaban: D

6. Mr. Abraham memiliki banyak pelanggan karena He is very kind (Dia baik sekali). Persamaan He is very kind adalah He is nice man (Dia baik sekali).
Jawaban: B

7. The workers have to work overtime if Mr. Abraham has much work to do (Para karyawan harus kerja lembur jika Mr. Abraham punya banyak pekerjaan)
Jawaban: C

B Judul yang tepat untuk wacana tersebut adalah Abraham Tailor (Abraham seorang Penjahit).
Jawaban: D

9 Pak Abraham adalah tetangga (neighbour) si penulis cerita Ini. Lihat kalimat paragraf ke-1: He lives next to my house (Dia tinggal di sebelah rumahku).,
Jawaban: D

10 They like to do it. It mengganti kata working overtime.
Jawaban: D

11 Before Mr Abraham sew the material, he always makes patern first Sebelum menjahit baju, Mr. Abraham selalu membuat pola terlebih dahulu
Jawaban: B

12 You look tired (Kamu tampak lelah) karena telah bermain basket.
Jawaban: C

13 / will operate a new sewing machine.
Kalimat pertanyaan Whet will you do merupakan future tense maka jawabannya |uga dalam bentuk Future tense. Pda kalimatnya: subject + will/shall + verb-1

14 My parents have gone abroad since yesterday (Orangtuaku pergi ke luar negeri sejak kemarin)
Bila ada kata since/for, kalimat menunjukkan Prefect tense Pola kalimatnya: subject +have/has + verb-3
Jawaban: D

15. Nama bulan ketiga adalah March (Maret).
Jawaban: C

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