Soal dan Jawaban Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas (UKK) 3 Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas VII (part 2)

Soal dan Jawaban Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas (UKK) 3 Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas VII (part 2)

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16 Andri is ourfriend. He is fat and.... He often makes us laugh (tertawa). He likes to make a joke (bercanda).
A lazy C. clever
B. funny D. patient

17. Look at the picture!
She has a... hair.
A long  
B wavy
C. curly
D. straight

18. Teacher : “What do we use our... for?”
Student : “To smell something.’’
A ears
B.N eyes
C. nose
D. skin

Before the bell ring, some students dean the classroom and prepare things needed for the lessons, such as chalk and text books. When the bell ‘ rings, all of them enterthe classroom. Nobody is outside. Then the teacher comes in and the class begins. The students are in the class now. They are learning English. They are in the English class. Miss Shanti is writing some sentences on the blackboard and the students are copying them on their notebooks.

Miss Shanti is a good teacher. She explains the lessons clearly and the students look happy. They can take part in every activity, such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. If they don't understand, they ask Miss Shanti to repeat the explanation. If she asks some question, they always try to answer them correctly. They always do their homework, too. They are hardworking students. Miss Shanti is pleased with them.

19. When does the class begin?
A Before the bell rings
B After the teacher comes into the class
C. When the students clean the class
D. The teacher teaches the students badly

20. Which statements is correct based on the text. (Mana pernyataan yang benar sesuai dengan teks)
A The students are lazy
B. The student are diligent
C. The teacher teaches the students badly
D. The teacher doesn't like the students

21 What kind of person is Miss Shanti?
A She is a good teacher C. She is an ugly teacher
B She is a lazy teacher D. She is an unkind teacher

22 They take part in every activity (paragraf 2 baris 2)
Take part has the same meaning as (bermakna sama dengan)
A take a rest C. have a break
B participate D change the place

23 The students are copying them on their note books (paragraf 1 baris 6) What does the word them refer to? (Kata them mengacu pada)
A. The lessons C. The questions
B The sentences D. The explanation

24 Teacher : “Indra,. the door, please!"
Indra “All right, sir ”
A close C. closing
B. closes D. to dose

25. The test is difficult. So most of the students... do it correctly.
A cannot C. will not
B, may not D. to dose

26. Ira : "Is,.. bag red?"
Nina "No, it is not. My bag is not red. It is black.
Ira : “Whose bag is this?"
Nina :It is ., '"

A, my-hers C. your-hers
B your-her D. yours-here
The teacher wants to drew a big triangle (segitiga) on the blackboard. He needs a piece of chalk... a ruler.
A or C. but
B. and D. when

28 Teacher : “Give me . . I want to dean the blackboard ’
Rita "All right, Mam."
A. ruler C. chalk
B eraser D. sharpener

29. If we want to find the book quickly in the library, we can use (menggunakan)....
A. catalogue C. postcard
B. brochure D. member card

Mr. Wijaya's Family
Mr. and Mrs. Wijaya have two children. Herman and Irma. Herman has a wife names Marian and Irma has a husband names Rubby. Mrs. Herman has two children. They are Andry and Siska. While Mr. and Mre. Rubby has one child, his name is Firman.
Mr. Herman is a doctor and his wife is a nurse. Their children are SD students.
Mr. Rubby is a lawyer and his wife ia a house wife. Firman ia a Tk student. He always goes to school with his mother.

30. Is Mrs. Rubby Mr. Herman’s daughter?
A Yes. she is C. No, she is his aunt
B. No, she isn’t D. No, she is his mother

31. There are.... persons in Mr. Wijaya family,
A 6
B. 7
C. 8
D. 9

32 Who is Andry? He is ....
 A Firman's uncle     c. Mariam’s nephew
 B. Siska’s brother    D. Mr. Wijaya's daughter

33 Siska is....
 A Irma's sister         C. Herman’s niece
 B Firman's cousin    D. Mre. Wijaya'd daughter

34 Which of the statement is correct according to the text? i I ’«rnyataan mana yang cocok sesuai wacana?)
A Manam is a doctor
B Irma is not a house wife
C. Mrs. Herman is not a doctor
D. Mr. Herman's daughter is a nurse

35. The two... are my uncles. One of him lives in Bandung, another one
lives in Jakarta.
A. man C. woman
B men D. women

Kunci Jawaban Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas (UKK) 3 Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas VII (part 2)

16. Arti kata funny adalah lucu.
Jawaban: B

17. Arti kata curfy adalah rambut keriting.
Jawaban: C

18 Nose is for smell something (Hidung untuk mendum aroma sesuatu)
Jawaban: C

19. Pelajaran dimulai setelah guru masuk kelas.
Jawaban: B

20. Pernyataan yang benar: The students are dSigent (Murid-murid yang rajin)
Jawaban: B

21. Nona Shanti adalah guru yang baik. Lihat paragraf kedua.
Jawaban: A

22. Art kata take part adalah ikut serta. Persamaan takepart adalah participate.
Jawaban: B

23. Kata them pada kalimat tersebut untuk mengganti kata the sentences artinya kalimat.
Jawaban: B

24 "Indra, dose door, please?” Kalimat tersebut adalah command, yaitu kalimat perintah, maka verb yang digunakan utnuk kalimat perintah adalah infinitive (kata kerja dasar/pertama).
Jawaban: A

25. The test is difficult so most of the student cannot do it correctly (Ujiannya sangat sulit, jadi banyak siswa yang tidak dapat menjawabnya dengnan benar)
Jawaban: A

26. Is your bag red? It’s UK's bag. It is hers.
Kata your dan hers termasuk personal pronoun (kata ganti orang). Kata ganti Possesive adjective You adalah Your Kata ganti Possesive pronoun She adalah Hers
Jawaban: C

27 He needs a piece a chlak and a ruler (la memerlukan sebuah kapur dan penggaris). Kata yang digunakan adalah and (dan).
Jawaban: B

28 Arti kata eraser adalah penghapus. v
Jawaban: C

29. Cetofatoguedigunakan untuk mencari buku di perpustakaan.
Jawaban: A

30. Mrs. Rubby is not fifr. Herman'sdaughter(Mrs. Rubby bukan anak perempuan Pak Herman).
Jawaban: B

31. Ada 9 orang di keluarga Mr Wijaya, yaitu Mr. Wijaya. Mrs. Wijaya, Mr. Herman. Mrs. Irma, Mrs. Mariam. Mr. Rubby, Andry. Siska, dan Firman.
Jawaban: D

32. Andri is Siska’s brother (Andri adalah kakak lelaki Siska).
Jawaban: B

33. Siska is Firman's cousin (Siska adalah keponakan Firman).
Jawaban: B

34. Pernyataan yang benar adalah Mrs. Herman is not a doctor (Mrs. Herman bukan seorang dokter). Vang betul: Mrs. Herman is a nurse (seorang perawat)
Jawaban: C

35. The two men are my uncles.
Kata ganti unde adalah man dan bentuk jamak dari man adalah men.
Jawaban: B

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