Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris 2 Reading text UMPTN (part 1)

Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris 2 Reading text UMPTN (part 1)

Text / UMPTN 2000 Rayon A
There arc three separate sources of hazard in (he process of supplying energy by nuclear power. The radioactive material must travel from its place of manufacture to the power station. Although the power stations themselves are solidly built, the containers used for the transport of the material are not. There are normally only two meth- . ods of transport available, namely road or rail. Unfortunately. both of these involve close contact with the general public, since the routes are sure to pass near, or even through, heavily populated areas.
Next, there is the problem of waste. All nuclear power stations produce wastes that in most cases will remain radioactive for thousands of year. It is impossible to make these wastes nonradioactive, and so they must be stored in one of the inconvenient ways that scientists have invented. For example they may be buried under the ground, or dropped into abandoned mines, or sunk in the sea. However, these methods do not solve the problem, since an earthquake could easily crack the containers open.
Finally, there is the problem of accidental exposure due to a leak or an explosion at the power station. As with other two hazards, this is not very likely, so it does not provide a serious objection to the nuclear program. Nevertheless, it can happen.
Separately, these there types of risks are not a great cause for concern. On the whole though, the probability of disaster is still high.
1.     UMPTN 2000 Rayon A No. 66
The whole Text tells us about___
A.  the danger of transforming radioactive materials
B.  the way to make radioactive wastes not dangerous for people
C.  the potential dangers in supplying energy by nuclear power
D.  the accidents caused by nuclear power stations
E.  people’s objections to the establishment of nuclear stations
2.     UMPTN 2000 Rayon A No. 67
What makes the transport of radioactive materials
dangerous for people's lives?
A.  The road
B.   The containers
C.   The rail
D.  The power station
E.   The heavily populated areas
3.     UMPTN 2000 Rayon A No. 68
Which of the following statements is TRUE about radioactive wastes?
A.  There will be no more danger when radioactive wastes are buried underground
B.  There is no chance of saving people’s lives from radioactive wastes
C.  Radioactive wastes become nonradioactive when they are sunk in the sea
D.  Only earthquakes can change radioactive wastes into nonradioactive wastes
E.  Natural disaster may cause very serious leaks in buried containers of radioactive wastes
4.     UMPTN 2000 Rayon A No. 69
In spite of the problems which are likely to occur in supplying energy by nuclear power, the writer thinks that   .
A.   people will strongly object to it
B.   the probability of disaster is high
C.   hazards should be rigidly controlled
D.   it's worth conducting nuclear programs
E.   there is a great cause for concern
5.     UMPTN 2000 Rayon A No. 70
We may conclude from the third paragraph that the problem of accidental exposure is caused _________________________________ .
A.  human error
B.   an earthquake
C.   radioactive wastes
D.  hazards
E.   bad design of the nuclear statK-r
Text / UMPTN 2000 Ray on B
Several theories have been proposed about why the dinosaurs disappeared from the face of the earth. In recent years one popular theory proposes that climatic changes caused the dinosaurs to become extinct. This climatic change theory says that millions of years ago the climate of the world gradually became colder. As the earth slowly become colder, fewer plants were able to grow. The cold weather finalK resulted in a severe shortage of food for dinosaurs. As you probably know, most of dinosaurs were vegetarians, and they depended on plants for their food supply. In summary, then, the disappearance of the dinosaurs was cased directly by a shortage of plants to eat, and indirectly by a change in climate.
Today there is new evidence for the theory that the dinosaurs did not disappear gradually, but they disappeared

quickly and suddenly. This theory is known as asteroid theory It states that a huge asteroid, or perhaps a comet, hit the earth about 65 million years ago. When this comet or asteroid hit the earth, it caused a huge dust cloud. The huge dust cloud covered the whole earth and blocked out the sun for months. Since there is no sun for many, many months, most of the plants on earth died. The dinosaur's food supply was destroyed in a period of months.
While this asteroid theory is not new, what is new is the evidence for the theory. Until recently there was no evidence that an asteroid or a comet had hit the earth 65 million years ago. What happened recently was that scientists found large amount of a rare earth element called iridium all over the world. This iridium was found in layers of the earth that are 65 years old. The indium was found in the same layers where the bones of the last dinosaurs were found.
The comet or asteroid theory explains two things:
(1)   It explains the larger amounts of the rare element iridium found in the 65-million-year-old layers of earth, and
(2)   it explains why the dinosaurs disappeared from the earth
Today scientists continue to debate two theories: the
climatic change theory and the asteroid theory. In the
futuTc evidence may be found that supports a totally new
theorv of whv the terrible lizards died out.

6     ( MPT\ 2000 Rayon 8 No. 66
 information of the text is about_______ .
A the climatic change theory 
B the era of dinovairs 65 milium years ago 
C the asteroid theory
D.  different theories on the extinction of dinosaurs
E.   the iridium element theory
7     UMPTN 2000 Rayon B No. 67
Which of the following statements is TRUE about the climatic theory?
A.  Scientists believe that the climatic change happened 65 million years ago.
B The change in climate critically reduced the food for dinosaurs.
C. at the lime the dinosaurs, all animals were vegetarians
D. The disappearance of dinosaurs affected the climatic change
E. The weather made animals living at that time unable to survive.
8.    UMPTN 2000 Rayon B No. 68
Which of the following statements is TRUE about iridium element'7
A.  It is believed that it originated in space.
B.   it is an element found in the bones of dinosaurs,
C.   It came after the comet hit the earth.
D.  It existed only 65 million years ago.
E.   It is an element commonly found on earth.
9.     UMPTN 2000 Rayon B No. 69
The asteroid theory stales that_____ .
A.  the dust cloud originating from the fallen comet killed all organisms on earth
B.  the effect of an asteroid hitting the earth developed gradually
C.  the spread of the dust cloud on earth darkened the earth for years
D. the dinosaurs were killed by asteroid hitting the earth 65 years ago
E, most vegetation died because of the dust cloud covering the whole earth.
10.   UMPTN 2000 Rayon B No. 70
From the text we may conclude that______ .
A.  modem scientists believe in the asteroid theory
B.  the new evidence for the new theory has recently been found
C.  there is no agreement among scientists about the two theories
D.  scientists have accepted the truth of both theories
E.  both theories have been combined to become scientifically acceptable
Text 1 UMPTN 2000 Rayon C
Health officials who made checks at cemeteries discovered that cemeteries had become one of the main causes for the spread of dengue in urban areas. They were shocked to find out a lot of aedes mosquitoes breeding in cemeteries. The aedes mosquito spreads Dengue Haermorrhagic Fever. DHF. to man.
The officials found a lot of pots, bottles and vases holding flowers at the graves left there by people visiting the graves of their relatives. These containers had eventually accumulated rain water and they soon became breeding grounds for these mosquitoes. Those living near cemeteries also became victims of densue fever. Sadlv il was the death of a caretaker of a cemetery that promoted the officials to investigate the surroundings near his house. This had led to the discovery of cemeteries as a breeding ground for aedes mosquitoes.
Since this discovery, the Health Department has appealed to the caretakers and the different associations in charge of graveyards to clear all containers left at graves as quickly as possible. The number of dengue cases notified was highest among the Chinese, followed by the Malays, Indians, and others. All these cases had been mainly from the city areas. The Health Department is continually strengthening dengue prevention and control by holding talks, shows, fogging housing estates and conducting checks at homes.
11.   UMPTN 2000 Rayon C No. 66 The main information of the text is
A.  the causes of DHF in urban areas
B.   the instructions of health officials
C.   cemeteries as the source of aedes mosquitoes
D.  the victims of DHF in Asian countries                 '
E.   prevention and control of DHF
12.   UMPTN 2000 Rayon C No. 67
Health officers felt the need to investigate cemeteries as a potential source of DHF because______________________________
A.  cemeteries are commonly known as the breeding .places of aedes mosquitoes
B.  many people visiting cemeteries became victims of DHF
C.  it is believed that visitors to cemeteries were carriers of DHF
D.  a person working for one of the cemeteries died of DHF
E.  rains brought aedes mosquitoes to breed in cemeteries
13.   UMPTN 2000 Ravon C No. 68

According to the text, all of the following sentences about DHF prevention and control are true, except
A.  ordering people to throw away all containers they have in their homes
B.   informing the general public about DHF
C.   fogging the houses in every neighborhood
D.  eliminating possible breeding grounds of mosquitoes at graveyards
E.   giving talks to people in charge of graveyards
14.   UMPTN 2000 Rayon C No. 69
To prevent aedes mosquitoes from breeding in cemeteries, the government does NOT allow___________________________________ .
A.  Chinese, Malays and Indians to go to cemeteries
B.  People to bring flowers to cemeteries
C.  Talks about DHF to be conducted at cemeteries
D.  Any container that holds water to be left at the graves
E.  Health officials to keep a check on cemetery visitors
15.   'Fogging housing estates' in line 12 means_____ .
A.  creating a dust cloud in the housing area
B.  blowing disinfectants around the house
C.  pumping smoke to the neighborhood
D.  cleaning the houses of DHF victims

E.   spraying housing areas with a special pesticide
Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris 2 Reading text UMPTN (part 1)
1.     Paparan wacana dengan jelas mengetengahkan tiga permasalahan malapetaka yang mungkin timbul dari proses pensupiaian energi oleh pembangkit tenaga nuklir, seperti lintasan yang dilalui pada paragraf I, limbah pada paragraf 2. dan kebocoran pada paragraf 3.
2.     Yang menjadikan pengiriman radioaktif berbahaya bagi kehidupan orang, seperti dinyatakan kalimat ketiga paragraf 1 ‘although the power stations themselves are solidly built, the the containers used for the transport of the material are not’ (walaupun pembangkitnya itu sendiri dibangun secara kokoh namun wadah untuk menghatarkatf bahan tersebut tidak), adalah wadah untuk penghantarannya.
Jawaban : B
3.     Pilihan (E) 'bahwa bencana alam dapat mengakibatkan kebocoran sangat serius pada wadah limbah radioaktif yang dikubur1 selaras dengan pennataan kalimat terakhir paragraf 2 since an earthquake could easily crack the containers open'.
4.     Dari pernyataan kalimat terakhir paragraf 3 dan penegasan paragraf4 dapat diinferensi bahwa penulis berpendapat walupun kemungkinan banyak masalah yang timbul, program nuklir tidak ada salahnya dilakukan (it's worth conducting nuclear programs) karena menurut hematnya tidak cukup alasan untuk menentangnya (so it does not provide a serious objection to nuclear program, paragraf 3) selain itu masalah yang digambarkan paragraf 1,2, dan 3 bukan pemicu keprihatinan (these three types of risks arc ~iot a great cause of concern, paragraf 4).
Jawaban : D
5      Jawaban:A
6.     Secara keseluruhan wacana bertajuk teori-teori yang ada tentang musnahnya dinosaurus, seperti teori iklim pada paragraf i dan teori asteroid pada paragraf 2-5.
Jawaban : D
7.     Pilihan (B) perubahan dalam ikilim secara kritis mengurangi suplai makanan dinosaurus' selaras dengan pernyataan kalimat kelima paragraf rijie cold weather finally resulted in a severe shortage of food for dinosaurs (cuaca yang mendingin akhirnya berakibat pada berkurangnya makanan bagi dinosaurus).
                                                         Jawaban : B
8.     Kalimat pertama dan kedua paragraf 4 menyatakan The element iridium is very uncommon, infact, rare on the earth. It is an element, however that is more often found in space.' (keberadaan indium di bumi amat langka, tetapi elemen ini lebih sering ditemukan di ruang angkasa). Oleh karena itu, keberadaannya di bumi dapat diduga berasal dari ruang angkasa.
Jawaban : A
9.     Seperti dinyatakan kalimat ketiga hingga terakhir paragraf 2 'It states that huge asteroid, or perhaps a comet, hit the earth about 65 million years ago ... it caused huge dust claud ... the dinosaurs’ food sup: ply was destroyed...* bahwa teori asteroid mengemukakan punahnya dinosaurus karena aster- oid/komet jatuh ke bumi dan menimbulkan debu amat tebal yang menutupi bumi sehingga tanaman sumber makanan dinosaurus mati.
Jawaban : D
10.   Dari kalimat pertama paragraf terakhir 'Today scientists continue to debate two theories: climatic change theory and the asteroid theory’ dapat disimpulkan bahwa karena hingga kini para ilmuwan masih memperdebatkan teori iklim dan asteroid beam dikalangan ilmuwan belum terdapat kesepahaman akan kedua teori tersebut (there is no agreement among scientists about the two theories).
Jawaban : C
11.   Wacana berpusat pada temuan bahwa pekuburan merupakan sarang berkembang biaknya nyamuk nyamuk demam berdarah dengan pengungkapan fakta pada paragraf 1, paparan fenomena pada paragraf 2 dan respon langkah penaggulangan pada paragraf 3.
Jawaban : C
12.   Seperti dinyatakan kalimat keempat dan kelima paragraf 2 'sadly it was the death of a caretaker of a cemetary that promoted to investigate the surounding of his house. This led to the discovery of cemetaries as breeding ground for aedes mosquitoes* kematian penjaga kuburan-lah yang mendorong para petugas untuk meneliti lingkungan rumahnya dan menemukan bahwa kuburan merupakan tempat berkembang biak nyamuk demam berdarah.
Jawaban : D

13.   Pilihan (A) berkontradiksi dengan kalimat pertama paragraf 3 bahwajustru wadah-wadah yang tertinggal dikuburan harus segera dibereskan bukan malahan membuang wadah ke sana. Sementara pilihan lainnya merupakan langkah pencegahan dan penanggulangan seperti diulas paragraf 3.
Jawaban : A

14.   Seperti dinyatakan kalimat pertama paragraf 3 'to clear all containers left at graveyard as quickly as possible' wadah-wadah yang mungkin dapat menggenangkan air segera dienyahkan (tidak boleh dibiarkan) dari pekuburan
Jawaban : D

15.   Togging housing estate’ (mengasapi komplek perumahan) maksudnya adalah memberikan semprotan komplek perumahan dengan menggunakan zat kimia;' pestisida tertentu (spraying housing areas with special pesticides), biasanya dalam benruk asap.
                                                                                                                              Jawaban : E

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