Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Reading text UMPTN (part 3)

Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Reading text UMPTN (part 3)

Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Reading text UMPTN (part 3)
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16. UMPTN 1999 Rayon A No. 74
Car accidents in the US are caused by the following, except .
A. drunken driver D. icy road
B. bad roads E. a Hat tire
C. unskilled drivers

Text 2 UMPTN 1999 Rayon B
People are often surprise to learn just how long some varieties of trees can live. If asked to estimate the age of the oldest living trees, they otjen come up with guesses in the neighborhood of two to three hundred years. The real answer is considerably larger than that, more than thousand years.
The tree that wins the prize for its considerable maturity is the bristlecone pine of California. This venerable
A. Culture is the basis of communication
B. Translating is complicated because languages differ from one another
C. Differences between languages are not important in translation
D. What has been said in one language cannot be repeated in another language
E. Linguists and anthropologists have important roles in translation

Text 2 UMPTN 1999 Rayon C
The reason why tea is so popular as a drink is that, unlike soft drinks for example, it contains a drug which stimulates the nervous system. The plant is a kind of bush, and tea is made from the very young leaves of this pant. Tea, used mainly as a drink and also as a kind of medicine, was first known to have been drunk in AD 780 in China, but was probably common long before that.

21. UMPTN 1999 Rayon C No.-71
The paragraph mainly discusses .
A. when tea became a common drink
B. why people drink tea
C. how people make tea
D. where tea was first known
E. what stimulates the nervous system

22. UMPTN 1999 Rayon C No. 72
It is said that tea stimulates the nervous system because
A. it is made from young tea leaves B it can make people drunk
C. it tastes different from soft drinks
D. it dates back to AD 780
E. it has a medical substance

Text 3 UMPTN 1999 Rayon C
There are many ways of communicating that do not utilize language. Cries of-warning and aggression, of contentment and affection, are forms of communication not limjted to men. Or, on the human level, the dirty look, which may convey world of meaning, does not involve language. Gestures, too, are forms of communication, although these seem always involved with culturally defined habits. The nod of the head means "yes" to American, but a'single nod in the Middle East is a clear "no". Plainly,, there are many ways of conveying messages, of which language is but the major one for human beings.

23. UMPTN 1999 Rayon C No. 73
The main information of the text is about .
A. ways of conveying messages
B. different perceptions of communication
C. culturally defined habits
D.     language, a way of communication
E. different meanings of gesture

24. UMPTN 1999 Rayon C No. 74
Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text?
A The same gesture may have different meanings
B Only language can convey messages clearly in all cultures
C One’s dirty look can express one’s emotions to others
D. Human beings do not always have to use language to communicate
E. Gesture are culturally clear signals to convey messages 

Text 2 UMPTN 1998 Rayon A
People manage to count even when they do not have names for numbers. Early men demonstrated numbers to each other by counting on their fingers, and some primitive tribes still do this. In fact, some tribes have names for only the numbers "one" and "two" and can only indicate higher numbers by pointing to a particular finger. In other tribes, the numbers do have names, but these names are directly connected with finger counting.

25. UMPTN 1998 Rayon A No. 71
The text tells us about
A. early demonstrations of numbers
B. the use of fingers in counting
C. the importance of numbers
D. primitive tribes
E. various names for numbers

26. UMPTN 1998 Rayon A No. 72
Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text?
A. It was not necessary to have names foe numbers in counting.
B:     Only in earlier days did people use their fingers in counting.
C. There arc tribes who onlv consider "one" and "two" important.
D. For some tribes, it is unusual to use fingers when counting.
E. The words "one" and "two" were unpopular among many tribes.

Text 3 UMPTN 1998 Ray on A
The United States and Mexico signed a peace treaty on February 2, 1848. Mexico had to give up much of its land to the U.S. The land included Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California The treaty signers did not know that James Marshall had just discovered gold in California 10 days earlier. Nobody knew this outside of the area near the Sacramento River. One year later, everybody knew.
In 1849 the world heard about the gold discovery. Gold fever brought thousands of people to California. We call the people who joined the gold rush "fortyniners". They all thought they could become rich quickly. They thought they could stay in Calitomia a short lime and return home as wealthy people.

27. UMPTN 1998 Rayon A No. 73
The main information of the text is about
A. a peace treaty between the U.S. and Mexico
B. James Marshall, the gold miner
C. the discovery of gold in California
D. the gold rush in the United Slates
E. the dream of the fortyniners to gel rich quickly

28. UMPTN 1998 Rayon A No. 74
From the text we may conclude that
A. Mexico regretted that it had to give up California to the U.S.
B. James Marshall did not publicly announced his discovery
C. a lot of "fortyniners" became rich within a very short time
D. California became a place where many foreigners lived
E. Mexico made great efforts to win California back

Text 2 UMPTN 1998 Rayon b
Human beings, convinced ot their superiority over the animal kingdom, are seldom disturbed about the pain and death they bring to other species. For example. South American birds, desired by zoos, pet shops, and private collections, are frequently packed into small boxes and flown to foreign countries. Many of the birds, however, do not survive the trip but instead die of suffocation. And birds are not the only victims. Hunters in search of baby orangutans shoot the mothers who are hiding in treetops and wait for the babies to fall to the ground. Many of the babies cannot be caught and fall to their death. Seals, prized for their skins, which make lovely winter coats, are brutally slaughtered by hunters who club and skin them almost immediately. Sometimes the seals are skinned alive because a hunter was not skilful with his club.

29. UMPTN 1998 Rayon B No. 71
What is the topic of the text?
A. The superiority of human beings
B. Cruelty to animals
C. Animals in captivity
D. Animals in zoos
E. Cruel human beings

30. UMPTN 1998 Rayon B No. 72
What is the main information of the text?
A. Human beings often cause death and a lot of pain to animals
B. People are superior to animals because they are much stronger
C. Many animals are sold to zoos and collectors at great profits
D. Wild animals often die when they are transported abroad
E. Hunters often kill wild animals to enable them to catch their babies


16. Penyebab kecelakaan mobil adalah cuaca yang buruk seperti dinyatakan kalimat kedua dan ketiga, masalah mobil itu sendiri sebagai contoh ban yang kempes seperti terlihat pada kalimat ke 4 dan 5. kondisi jalan yang jelek sperti pada kalimat ke 6. dan pengemudi yang mabuk seperti dinyatakan dua kalimat terakhir Sementara pengemudi yang tidak terampil (unskilled driver) tidak dinyatakan wacana.
Jawaban : C

17. Wacana mengulas pohon tertua (oldest living tree) dengn berbagai contoh dan deskriptit alasan.
Jawaban : D

18. Yang bukan faktor penunjang bagi bertahannya pohon bristlecone adalh pengaruh nya pada cuaca. Sedangkan maksud dari kalimat 'high winds and inclement weather cannot easily reach the shorter trees and cause damage’, yang justru karena pohon bristle- cone itu kecil maka cuaca angin besar dan cuaca buruk tidak dapat menjamahnya.
Jawaban : E.

19. Inti permasalahn yang diulas wacana adalah tentang masalah-masalah yang dihadapi dalam terjemahan (the problems faced in translation).
Jawaban : C

20. Gagasan yang menjiwai keseluruhan isi wacana adalah bahwa penerjemahan bisa sulit karena bahasa yang satu berbeda dengn bahasa yang lainnya.
Jawaban : B

21. Secara deduktif terlihat jelas pcrmasalhan yang dilontarkan wacana adalah alasan menngapa orang . minum the (why people drink tea).
Jawaban : B

22. Dari kalimat 'it contains a drug which stimulate the nervous system* dapat diasumsikan bahwa alasan the dapat merangsang sistem syaraf adalah karena mengandung drug/obat. Drug = medical substance.
Jawaban ; E
2? secara deduktif, wacana menaulas cara-cara penyampaian pesan (ways of conveying messages).
Jawaban : A

24. Jawaban : B

25. Keseluruhan is; wacana bercerita tentang cara menunjukkan bilangar • demonstration of number). Pilihan jawaban lainnya berfungsi sebagai supportng ideas (pemerian) gagasan sentral tadi.
Jawaban : A

26. Secara tersirat dari dua kalimat terakhir yang menyalakan bahwa sebenarnya beberapa suku
memiliki nama hanya untuk bilangan ‘one1 (satu) dan 't w o' (dua) dan hanya dapat menunjukkan angka yang lebih tinggi dengan menunjukkan jari tertentu. Di suku lain, bilangan memiliki nama tersendiri, tapi nama itu secara langsung berhubungan dengan jari. Dari kenyataan ini dapat ditarik pengertian bahwa kata 'one' dan 'two' pada hakekatnya tidak banyak dikenal oleh banyak suku karena mereka mempunyai penamaan sendiri-sendiri.
Jawaban : E

27. Informasi utama yang disampaikan wacana adalah tentang penemuan emas (the discovery of gold) dengan latar belakang dan berbagai dampak yang ditimbulkannya seperti tertera pada pilihan jawaban (A), (B). (D), dan (E) sebagai pengembangan sentral gagasan tadi.
Jawaban : C

28. Suatu penemuan yang akan menimbulkan perebutan (rush) dan tidak memberikan jaminan royalti bagi penemunya bila diketahui orang lain, maka si penemu akan memilih untuk merahasiakannya, supaya dia dapat menikmati buah kerjanya. Karena alasan inilah penemuan emas oleh James Marshal baru diketahui umum setahun kemudian, dan pihak berwenangpun (penanda tangan fakta perdamaian) baru mengetahui hal itu sepuluh hari setelah penemuan tersebut.
Jawaban : B

29. Inti cerita yang disampaikan wacana adalah tentang kekejaman terhadap binatang-(cruelty to animals) dengan pemerian berbagai contoh kekejaman seperti dinyatakan kalimat kedua hingga terakhir.
Jawaban : B

30. Yang menjadi informasi utama wacana adalah bahwa umat manusia sering menjadi penyebab kematian dan penderitaan bagi binatang (human beings often cause death and a lot of pain to animals). Sementara pilihan lainnya berfungsi sebagai supporting ideas (pikiran pendukung/pengembang).
Jawaban : A

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