Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Reading text UMPTN (part 1)

Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Reading text UMPTN  (part 1)

Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Reading text UMPTN  (part1)
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Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Reading text UMPTN  (part 2)
Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Reading text UMPTN  (part 3)

Text 2 UMPTN 199H Rayon C
Over the years many different systems of physical exercise designed to improve the health and appearance of the body have emerged. One of the best ever to come forth was Hatha Yoga, a form of Yoga consisting of various postures that exercise the whole body. Facial muscles, for example, can be made firmer by daily performance of "The Lion", a posture that imitates the face of roaring lion. Back muscles can become more flexible by regular pcacticc of "The Cobra", a posture that imitates the arching head of that poisonous snake. "The Crow", which resembles the headstand, is said to improve circulation and relieve tension.

U M PTN 1998 Rayon C No. 7
1 What is the topic of the text ?
A. Systems of physical exercises
B. Animal postures in Yoga
C. Hatha Yoga postures
D. Exercising body muscles
E. Improving blood circulation

Pembahasan :
Cara deduktif pilihan yang sama dengan kalimat pertama adalah (A).
Jawaban : A

2. UMPTN 1998 Rayon C No. 72
What is the main information of the text ?
A. Hatha Yoga postures exercise the whole body.
B. Animals are used in Yoga exercise
C. Yoga imitates the movements of animals
D. Animals are an important element in Yoga exercises
E. Yoga is the best system of physical exercise
Dengan menggunakan rumus 2a, diantara pilihan yang ada, satu-satunya pilihan yang sama dengan jawaban topik di atas adalah (E).
Jawaban : E

Text 2 UMPTN 1996 Rayon A
      I lospitality is natural in my village. Guests arrive at any time of the day or night and they are always welcome. Nobody will ask them "why have you come?" or "How long are you going to slay?" They become pan of the family.
     Villagers are delishted to received suests. Thev are fed, clothed and given presents. When guests arrive they are offered a pot of water to wash their hands, face and feet. Then they £g-e given a mat or a chair to sit on. Previously, sherbet was offered, but now it is the custom to give a cup of tea, depending on the time of the day. Guests are never asked "have you eaten?" or "would you like something to eat or drink?" Food is placed before them and it is impolite for guests to refuse. I lospitality means giving yourself completely to guests and strangers.

3. UMPTN 1996 Rayon A No. 81
What is the topic of the paragraph?
A. Guests and stangers
B. Hospitality in a village
C. Rules of politeness
D. Advice for attests
E. The arrival of guests
Pembahasan ;
Dengan menggunakan rumus I, Pilihan (B) adalah pilihan paling mirip dengan pernyataan kalimat pertama (deduktif).
Jawaban : B

4. UMPTN 1996 Rayon A No. 82
What is the main idea of the text?
A.     In the writer's village, guests are always received warm
B. Guests have to wash their hands, face, and feet when they arrive
C. The hosts never ask their visitors wuestions
D. Guests are usually asked about the purpose of thei visist
E. It is impolite to refuse food and drink offered by host
Dengan mempergunakan rumus 2b, gagasan kalimat pertama dan kedua bila digabungkan akan berbunyi di desa penulis tamu datang kapan saja akan disambut, seperti pernyataan pilihan ^A).
Jawaban : A

Text 3 UMPTN /996 Rayon A
Progress is gradually being made in the fight of cancer. In the early 1900s, few cancer patients had any hope of long-term survival. In the 1920s, the ratio was one in four. Currently, the ratio is down to one in three. The gain from one in four to one in three represents about 58,000 lives saved each year.

5. UMPTN 1996 Rayon A No. 83
What is the topic of the paragraph?
A. 1 he danger of cancer
B. Cancer victims
C. The problem of cancer
D. Progress in the fight of cancer
E. The history of cancer
Dengan menggunakan rumus L lihat kalimat pertama dan lihat pilihan yang ada, jelas pilihan D) adalah jawaban yang benar.
Jawaban : D

6. UMPTN 1996 Rayon A No. 84
What is the main idea of the text
A. In the 1900s cancer patients had good hope of long-term survival
B. 'The progress in fighting cancer result in the in; creasing number of survivals
C. Thcr is progress in preventing people from getting cancer
D. Currently, the gain from the fight against cancer is the survival of 58,000 lives
E. The number of cancer victims has gradually increased
Dengan merujuk pada rumus 2a, diantara pilihan jawaban yang ada, yang paling mirip dengan jawaban topik (no. 5 di atas) adalah pilihan (B).
Jawaban : B 

Text / UMPTS I99H Rayon A
Whales are the largest animals on earth. Bigger than elephants, they may grow 95 feet long, and weigh 150 tons. A baby blue whale, just born, can be 23 feet long and weigh 3 tons.
       Although whales live in the oceans and swim like fish, they are not fish. They are mammals, like cows and elephants. Unlike fish they bear young alive, not as eggs. IlTeir babies live on their mother's milk. They breathe through their lungs and hold their breath when they go underwater. If they cannot come to the surface to breathe fresh air. they will drown. They are warm-blooded. Fish, however, lay eggs, breathe oxygen in the water, and are cold-blooded
     Whales live in all the oceans. In the winter some of them goto warm waters to breed and in the summer most of them go to cold waters to feed. There are two kinds of whales, whales with teeth (toothed whales) and whales without teeth (baleen whales). The toothed whales eat fish and squid, which they can catch with their teeth, although they swallow their food without chewdng it. The baleen whales eat plankton (small sea animals and plants). When they find plankton, they open their mouths and swim into the plankton. When they close their mouths they squeeze out the water and swallow the plankton.

7. UMPTN 1998 Rayon A No. 67
Whales have few enemies. Only human beings and the killer whales attack whales. And whales do not seein to tight among themselves. They usually live from 20 to 30 years.
Dengan merujuk padarw/Hw.* 7, kalimat soal di atas cnerupkan potongan dari kalimat kedua paragraf 3 in the winter some of them go to warm waters to 
A suitable title for the text is
A Large animals on earth
B. Difference between whales and elephants
C. Whales, the biggest animals on earth
D. Similarity between fish and w+iales
E. The life of whales in the oceans
Dengan merujuk pada rumus 6, kalimat pertama paragraf 1 menyatakan paus binatang terbesar, kalimat pertama paragraf 2 menyatakan paus bukanlah jenis ikan, kalimat pertama paragraf 3 menyatakan paus hidup di lautan, dan kalimat pertama paragraf 4 menyatakan paus punya sedikit musuh; keseluruhan tadi menceritakan tentang paus, maka judul/tema yang tepat untuk wacana di atas adalah tentang paus: si binatang yang besar.
Jawaban : C

8. UMPTN 1998 Rayon A No. 69
Whales occasionally live in warm waters
A. to get more food D. for fresh air
B. for reproduction E. to feed their babies
C. to avoid winter
breed1, jadi yang hilang adalah kata breed. Breed = reproduction (melahirkan keturunan)
Jawaban : B

Text 1 UMPTN 1997 Rayon A
        Ultraviolet light means the invisible part of spectrum beyond violet/ This light has always been regarded as very useful because it is used to cure certain skin disease, kill bacteria, detect counterfeit money, form vitamins, etc.
        Along with the increasing extensive use of computer in financial activities, ultraviolet light has been widely applied by banks to identify the signatures of their customes in passbooks, When a customer opens a new account with a bank, the bank teller always asks him to sign on a card placed in the signature column of a passbook. When the card is removed, the trace of his signature will be left; this can be used to compare with the signature on the computer’s withdrawal slip under ultraviolet light.
         Ultraviolet light certainly has many practical application, but it may also be harmful to human beings on some occations. To everyone's knowledge, the direct impact of the light on the eyes for an excessive length of time may blind a person.
          Even though it can cure certain skin disease, it is also very harmful to the skin. A study just completed in the United States says that the light may cause skin cancer. The ultraviolet rays of the sun have been ranked as the third most dangerous cancer-causing agent after alcohol and tobacco.
It is high time to wfarn sun-worshippers in the quest for a bronzed look to be careful of excessive and uncontrolled exposure to the sun.

9. UMPTN 1996 Rayon A No. 76
We may conclude that the main information of the text is about
A. the advantages and disadvantages of ultraviolet light
B. the use of ultraviolet light in business
C. the application of ultraviolet light in people's lives
D. the effect of ultraviolet rays on human beings
E. the danger of ultraviolet light to people's health
Pembahasan :
Dengan merujuk pada rutmts J, paragraf pertama menceritakan manfaat sinar ultraviolet dan paragraf terakhir tentang bahaya sinar itu. Jadi kesimpulannya teks tersebut mengisarkan tentang manfaat (advantage) dan bahaya (disadvantage) sinar ultraviolet.
Jawaban : A

10. UMPTN 1996 Rayon A No. 78
We benefit from ultraviolet rays as they can...
A. sign customers'passbook
B. detect false signature
C. cure a particular kind of cancer - 
D. check customers' deposits 
E. be a component in medicine
Lihat paragraf pertama yang menceritakan manfaat (advantage/beneftt) sinar ultraviolet, dari pilihan hanya pilihan (B) yang disebutkan kalimat kedua paragraf itu.
Jawaban: B

11. UMPTN 1996 Rayon A No. 80
We may conclude that the writer’s main purpose in writing the text above is to
A. encourage people to get the bes* advantage of ultraviolet rays
B. explain that sunrays consist of violet and ultraviolet
C. introduce the effective use of ultraviolet light in banks
D. warn people against the alarming dangers caused by sunrays
E. ask people to avoid the use of ultraviolet light as much as possible
Pembahasan :
Dengan merujuk pada rumus 3 dan rumus 4 . karena sinar ultraviolet ada manfaat dan bahayanya, maka kita harus mengambil yang baiknya dan membuang yang buruknya (get best advantage).
Jawaban : 

Text 1 UMPTN 1996 Rayon B
        What will man be like in the future-in 5000 or even 50,000 years from now? We can only make a gues, of course, but we can be sure that he will be different from what he is today. For man is slowly changing all the time.
        Let us take an obvious example Man, even five hundrends years ago, was shorter than he is today. Now, on avarage, men are about three inches taller. Fove hundred years is a relatively short period of lime, so w'e may assume that man will continue to grow taller.
Again, in the modem world we use our brains a great deal. Even so, we still make use of only about 20% of the brain capacity. As time goes on. however, we shall have to use our brains more and more-and eventually we shall need larger ones! This is likely to bring about a physical cange too; the head, in particular the forehead, will grow larger.
      Nowadays our eyes are in constant use. In fact, we use them so much that very often they become weaker and we have to wear glasses. But over a very long period of time it is likely that man's eyes will grow stronger;
      On the other hand, we tend to make less use of our and legs. These sa a result, are llikely to grow weaker At the same time, however, our fingers will grow more sensitive because they are used a great deal in modem life.
Buf what about hair? This will probably disappear from the body altogether in the course of time because it does not serve a useful purpose any longer. In the future, then, both sexes are likely to be bald.
     Perhaps all this gives the impression that future man will not a very attractive creature to look at! This may wee! be true. All the same, inspite of these changes, future man will still have a lot of common with us. He will still be human being, with thoughts and emotions similar to our own.

12. UMPTN 1996 Rayon B No. 76
The writer’s main intention'in writing the above text is to explain to the reader
A. how man has changed over the centuries
B. how uncertain the world will be in the future
C. why people's life will change in the future
D. when man's physical evolution started in the past
E. what he thinks the future man will look like
Dengan merujuk pada rumus 4, di paragraf pertama terdapat pertan\aan ’What will man be like in the future-in 5000 or even 50.000 years from now? maka pilihan yang sama dengan xalimat tadi adalah pilihan (E).

13. UMPTN 1996 Rayon B No. 79
The writer imagines that future man will entirely bald because *
A. there will be no difference in sex
B. the human body has no use for hair
C. being bald will be the fashion of the future
D. evolution makes the appearance of man and woman more similar
E. future man will not be imerseted in having hair 
Dengan merujuk pada rumus 5, lihat paragraf 6 kalimat terakhir dan perhatikan kalimat sebelumnya, maka akan didapat alasan manusia di masa depan memilih botak karena rambuttidak ada gunanya lagi.
Jawaban : E

14. UMPTN 1996 Rayon B No. 80
From the description of future man, it can be concluded that he .
A. is an entirely diferent creature
B. is still human being but behaves differently
C. is physically much stronger than today's man
D. has thought and emotion comparable to ours
E. is physically silimar to earlier human being
Dengan merujuk pada rumus 6. Paragraf pertama menyaian manusia masa depan akan berbeda dan paragraf terakhir menyatakan meskipun berbeda ada samanya. Yang menyalakan demikian adalah pilihan (B).
Jawaban : B 

Text 4 UMPTN 1996 Rayon A
      No one knows who invented mechanical clocks. However, the dock 15 can be traced back to the Middle ages in Europe. The earliest clocks were actually made by black-smiths. The main principles in the design of these clock, 16 , are still used in mechanical
' clocks today,  though modern clocks are much more accurate.
     Early clock had no dial, and 17 the time simly by striking a bell. The word 'clock*, in fact, means bell. Before the intervention of clock, a man 18 as a clock- jack used to ring a large bell in a castle or monastery to tell everyone the lime. This man was able to 19 the the time by means of a sundial or a glass containing sand.

15. UMPTN 1996 Rayon A No. 85
A. industry D. installation
B. company E. procedure
C. fabrication
Pembahasan :
Dengan merujuk pada rumus 8e, yaitu melihat kalimat sebelumnya (invented=menciptakan), maka jelas jawaban yang dikehendaki adalah yang bermakna sama dengan penciptaan. yaitu pembuatan = fabrication.
Jawaban : C

16. UMPTN 1996 Rayon A No. 86
A. moreover D. however
B. besides E. consequently
C. therefore
Pembahasan :
Dengan merujuk pada rumus 8a. maka kita tahu bahwa pilihan A dan B memiliki arti sama, maka dianggap salah. Pilihan C dan E pun bermakna sama, maka dianggap salah juga. Dengan demikian jelas jawabannya adalah D.
Jawaban : D

17. UMPTN 1996 Rayon A No. 87
A. stated D. mentioned
B. assumed E. indicated
Dengan merujuk pada rumus 8c\ maka kita tahu bahwa pilihan A dan D memiliki arti sama, maka dianggap salah. Pilihan B dan C pun bermakna sama, maka dianggap salah juga. Dengan demikian ielas jawabannya adalah E
Jawaban : E

18. UMPTN 1996 Rayon A No. 88
A. called D. noticed
B. known E. grown
C. used
Pembahasan :
Dengan memperhatikan rumus 8d. yaitu melihat preposisi setelah titik-titik di soal yang berupa 'as1, maka kita tahu bahwa dari pilihan, satu satunya kata yang bisa dihubungkan dengan 'as' adalah 'known'.
Jawaban: B

19. UMPTN 1996 Rayon A No. 89
A. estimate D. estimated
B. estimation E. estimating
C. estimator
Pembahasan :
Dengan melihat rumus 8b. dan merujuk pada trik pada bab 7; derivative point 2, maka jelas di soal ini kata yang menentukan jawaban adalah kata sebelum titik-titik, dalam hal ini kata 'able to* yang mana harus diikuti Verb I.

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