Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Reading text UMPTN (part 2)

Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Reading text UMPTN (part 2)

Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Reading text UMPTN (part 2)
Text 2 UMPTN 2000 Rayon A
Among the various effects of air pollution, climatic chanues are slow, the deterioration ol health is insidious, and the damage to the plants, animals, or materials seems remote to those not directly involved. But smoke is visible to all, and the stinks of sulfides are all over. As a result, most complaints by individuals to air pollution agencies refer to something that can be seen or smelled.

1. UMPTN 2000 Rayon A No. 71
What is the main idea of the paragraph?
A/The effect of air pollution on people's lives can be direct and indirect
B. People are not directly affected by the damage of plant and animals
C. People complain about all the pollutants in the air
D     Climatic change does not immediately have effect on people’s lives
E.     Complaints by indiv iduals have been made to pollution agencies

1. UMPTN 2000 Rayon A No. 72
The main information about the paragraph is -
A. the danger of air pollution
B. the slow climatic change O/ the effects of air pollution
D. wastes emitted by air pollution
E. complains about air pollution

Text 3 UMPTN 2000 Rayon A
Both the sun and the moon appear larger when they arc rising or setting, although there is no real difference in the distance from the earth. This is the perceptional phenomenon. known as the "moon illusion." has been studied over the \ears. Various explanation, including the muscle strain for the person looking up and the comparison of the moon with other things on the horizon that make it appear larger, have been disputed by scientists, but those far there is no w idely accepted explanation of the phenomenon.

3 UMPTN 2000 Ravon A No. 73
What is the topic of the passage?
A. Perceived sizes of the sun and moon
B. Comparison of objects on the horizon
C. Perceptions of distance
D. The rising and the setting of the sun and the moon
E. The "Moon illusion"

4. UMPTN 2000 Rayon A No. 74
Which ofthe follov/ing statement is TRUE about the "Moon illusion"?
A. Through various experiments scientists discovered the causes of "Moon illusion".
B. Although the phenomenon has been studied for years, scientists don't agree about its cause.
C. I'he already known distance of the sun and moon from the earth explains the "Moon illusion1.
D. vAll the answers to the question of what causes
the phenomenon are the same.
E. Scientists do not think that the mystery of the "Moon illusion" can be solved.

Text 2 UMPTN 2000 Rayon B
Scientists believe that the earth's original atmosphere probably consisted of ammonia and methane. Perhaps 20 million years ago the atmosphere evolved into something resembling the modem composition of 78 percent nitrogen. 20 percent oxygen, and a variety of other gases. One factor that was instrumental in causing the charge in the atmosphere was the ev olution ot plant life; oxygen is pan ofthe modem day atmosphere because of plant life and the process of photosynthesis that goes along w ith it.

5. UMPTN 2000 Rayon B No. 71
The topic of the passage is
A. the static atmosphere
B. the change in the atmosphere O' the earth's original atmosphere
D. the process of photosynthesis
E. the evolution of plant life

6. UMPTN 2000 Rayon B No. 72
Changes in the earth's atmosphere took place because ofthe following except .
A/the changing composition of gases
B. the development in plant life
C. the earth's original atmosphere
D. the process of photosynthesis
F. the evolution ofthe ecosystem

Text 3 UMPTN 2000 Rayon B
The most popular festival in Japan takes place from 1st - 3rd January, and is called Ganjitsu. which means 'the beginning ofthe year.' People believe that good or bad luck in the first few days of the year represent the luck you will have for the rest of the year. Ganjitsu is cel-exchanging of visits and presents. Most people put up special decorations at the entrance to their houses to keep - out evil spirits. The main decoration is a sacred rope decorated with ferns, oranges and lobster. All of these things are thought to brina eood fortune, prosperity and long life. Finally, no celebration is complete without mochi cake and zoni soup. Both the cake and the soup are made from traditional recipes.

7. UMPTN 2000 Rayon B No. 73
The topic of the above paragraph is .
A. keeping out evil spirits in Japan
B. good and bad luck in Japan CV popular Japanese celebration
D. the Ganjitsu festival
E. Japanese cake and soup

8. UMPTN 2000 Rayon B No. 74
Japanese believe that their fate in a particular year depends on .
AYtheir good or bad luck in the first days of the year
B. how they celebrate the Ganjitsu festival
C. whether they succeed in keeping their homes free from evil spirits
D. how they decorate their houses with all the required items
E. whether their mochi cake and zoni soup follow the traditional recipes

Text 2 UMPTN 2000 Rayon C
The immune system serves three basic, functions: to recognize foreign cells and attack them, to develop antibodies to recognize foreign invaders in the future, and to send white blood cells to the location of an injury to speed healing. Chronic stress can suppress the functioning of the immune system, so that just by being stressed for a long period of time, we can actually weaken our immune system and fall victim to an illness that we could normally fight off with ease.

9. UMPTN 2000 Rayon C No. 71
The topic of the paragraph is .
A. the consequence of chronic stress BVthe functions of the immune system
C. the basic immune system
D. the weakening of the immune system
E. the development of antibodies

10. UMPTN 2000 Rayon C No. 72
Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the immune system?
AYThe immune system functions best when a person is under continuous pressure.
B. After identifying foreign invaders in the body the immune system attacks them.
C. There are three main functions of the immune
D. When the immune system is weak a person can become ill easily
E. The main function of the immune system is to help the body in fighting all illness

Text 3 UMPTN 2000 Rayon C
Dinosaurs are generally believed to have been very large animals and it's true that some of them were incredibly large. One dinosaur, believed to have been the largest dinosaurs ever, is called seismosaurus. Seismosaurus literally means "earth shakers." This animal was between 100 and 120 feet long and weighed about 89 tons. To give you some idea of how big a seismosourus as, let me tell you that an American football field is 300 feet long. Consider that the African elephant weighs between six and seven tons. This means that seismosaurus was about 13 to 14 times heavier than an African elephant. It is not surprising that his name means "earth shakers"

11. UMPTN 2000 Rayon C No. 73
The topic of the paragraph ts .
A. the size of dinosaurs
B the characteristics of the seismosaurus
C the largest animal on earth
D.the earth shaker
E the Wean elephant

UMPTN 2000 
According to the text, which of The following statements is NOT TRUE about the seismosaurus?
A. The seismosaurus was the largest animal e\er li\- ing on earth.
B. Because of its enormous weight the seismosaurus is called the earth shaker.
C. The length of seismosaurus is about one-third that of an African football field.
D. i'There was no other dinosaur larger than the seismosaurs.
E. The steps of a seismosaurus seemed to shake the earth.

Text 2 UMPTN 1999 Rayon A
Hurricanes generally occur in the North Atlantic from May through November, with the peak of hurricane season in September; only rarely will they occur from December through April in that part of the season. I he main reason for the occurrence of hurricane during this period is that the temperature on the water's surface is at its warmest and the humidity at its highest.
Of the tropical storingthat each year in the North Atlantic, only about five, on average, are powerful enough to be called hurricanes. To be classified hurricane, a tropical storm must have winds reaching speeds of at least I 17 kilometers per hour, but the winds are often much stronoer than that; the winds of intense hurricane can easily surpass 240 kilometers per hour.

13. UMPTN 1999 Rayon A No. 71
The passage mainly discusses .
A. the number of hurricane in a year
B. the strength of hurricanes
C. the weather in the North Atlantic
D. hurricanes in a certain pan of the world
E. hurricanes and disasters of the world

14. 3 UMPTN 1999 Rayon A No. 72
Which of the following is TRUE according to the text?
A. There are always hurricane in the North Atlantic
B. Extremely warm weather and high humidity can cause hurricane
C. Very long winds are the result of hurricanes
D. Hurricanes occur every month from May to November
E Tropical countries have a lot of intense hurricane

Text  4 UMPTN 1 999 Rayon A
There are many different causes of car accidents in the United States. Sometimes accidents are caused by bad .-.eather. Ice or snow can make roads very dangerous. Accidents also can result from problems with the car. Even a small problem like a flat lire can be serious. Bad roads are another caused drinking too much alcohol. In fact, this is one of the most important causes of accidents.
15. UMPTN 1999 Rayon A No. 73
What is the paragraph about?
A. Problems with the car engines
B. Results of car accidents
C. The frequency of car accidents
D. Weather conditions in the US
E. Car accidents and their causes

Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Reading text UMPTN (part 2)

1. Pikiran utama, gagasan yang menjiwai keseluruhan isi wacana, adalah bahwa pengaruh polusi udara terhadap kehidupan manusia dapat secara langsung maupun tidak langsung (the effect of air pollution on people’s lives can be direct and indirect). Gagasan ini didukung oleh pemerian keseluruhan kalimat wacana.
Jawaban : A

2. Informasi utama atau topic yang disampaikan wacana adalah berkisar tentang pengaruh polusi udara (air pollution), ini dinyatakan secara deduktif oleh wacana.
Jawaban : B

3. Secara implisit wacana melontarkan topik anggapan tentang ukuran matahari dan bulan (percieved sizes of the sun and moon), dengan berbagai penomena dan perbedaan pendapat.
Jawaban : A

4. Dari kalimat ke tiga dapat disarikan pengerian bahwa sejauh ini belum ada penjelasan yang dapat diterima secara meluas walupun usaha kearah itu sudah banyak dilakukan, seperti yang tersurat pada pilihan (B).
Jawaban : B
5. Secara deduktif jelas bahwa wacana mencoba memaparkan perubahan yang terjadi pada atmospir (change in the atmosphere), dengan ulasan unsyr- unsur pembentuk dan yang mempengaruhinya.
Jawaban : B

6. Pembahan atmosfir bumi terjadi karena (1) perubahan susunan gas; nitrogen, oksigen, dan lainnya-seperti dinyatakan kalimat kedua, (2) evolusi/ perubahan tanaman hidup-seperti di nyatakan kalimat ketiga, (3) proses potosintesis-seperti dipaparkan kalimat terakhir. Point (1). (2), dan (3) merupakan proses perubahan ekosistem.
Jawaban : C

7. Wacana secara gamblang memaparkan apa dan bagaimana perayaan Ganjitsu (the Ganjitsu festival) di Jepang.
Jawaban : D

8. Seperti dinyatakan kalifnat kedua 'People believe that good or bad luck in the flsrt few days of the years represents the luck you will have for the rest of the year', bahwa orang percaya nasib baik dan sial pada beberapa hari pertama tahun bersangkutan mencerminkan keberuntungan nasib yang akan dijalani pada sisa waktu sepanjang tahun itu.
Jawaban : A

9. Secara deduktif wacana dengan gamblang memaparkan fungsi sistem kekebalan (the functions of the immune system)
Jawaban : B

10. Pilihan t A bertentangan dengan kalimat 'so that just by being stressed for a long period of time, we can actually weaken our immune system’, jadi sebenarnya fungsi kekebalan melemah tatkala kita dalam keadaan stress tertekan, bukan sebaliknya kekbalan berfungsi maksimal (function best) tatkala seseorang berada dibawah tekanan terus-menerus seperti dinyatakan pilihan (A).
Jawaban : A

11. Wacana dengan jelas mengetengahkan tajuk binatang terbesar di muka bumi (the largest animal on the earth) dengan pengungkapan fakta yang mencengangkan.
Jawaban : C

12. Pernyataan bahwa seismosaurus merupakan binatang terbesar yang pernah hidup di bumi, seperti diungkapkan pilihan (A), tidak secara ekspisit maupun implisit dinyatakan wacana. Yang dinyatakan wacana adalah anggapan bahwa seismosaurus merupakan jenis dinosaurus terbesar.
Jawaban : A

13. Nampak jelas dari paparan kedua paragraf pada wacana bahwa inti pembicaraan yang diketengahkan bertajuk badai topan di suatu daerah tertentu (hurricanes in a certain part of the world) dengan mengambil contoh situs Atlantik Utara (North Atlantic).
Jawaban : D

14. Pilihan yang bersesuaian makna dengan permasalahan pada wacana adalah (B) bahwa cuaca yang sangat panas dan kelembaban yang tinggi dapat menyebabkan badai topan, gagasan ini selaras dengan pernyataan kalimat terakhir paragraf I The main reason for the occurance of the hurricane is that the temperature on the water's surface is at its warmest and the humidity of the air is at the hihgesf (pemebab terjadinya badai topan adalah temperatur pada tingkat terpanas dan kelembaban pada tingkat tertinggi).
Jawaban : B

15. Secara deduktif terlihat jelas bahwa wacana memaparkan kecelakaan mobil dan penyebab- penyebabnya.
Jawaban : F. 

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