Soal dan Jawaban Ulangan Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 1 Smester 1 (part 1)

Soal dan Jawaban Ulangan Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 1 Smester 1 (part 1)

Soal dan Jawaban Ulangan Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 1 Smester 1 (part 1)

Choose the right answer!

Not all students in Indonesia canafford their school fees. They are still quite
young and they want more education although their parents are poor. Most of their
parents are farmers, factory workers, fishermen, and becak drivers. Their wages or
salaries are too low to pay the school fees. The school fees are high especially in cities
or towns. not only in goverment schools but also in private  They need money
for school fees and books. Money and books are vital importance for student.
Poor students are in need of help. Scholarships are badly needed. So it is time
for the foundations and organizations to think about this problem. Scholarships are
financial awards given to clever of qualified students to be used for tuition, board,
and books. Scholarships are given by schools, colleges, and universities as well as ,
by public and private institutions and organizations. Scholarships are needed by
qualified students of a needy family and orphans. As long as they are clever or
qualified they can get the scholarship. So scholarship is usually an annual grant to a
clever or qualified student to enable him to continue his studies. They should make
much progress in every subject they take. .
To those who have got scholarships are advised to spend the time wisely. They
should not idle away their time, because get scholarship which is limited is not easy.
Sometimes the teachers give the tasks first to choose the qualified students. If they
succeed in their examination or have good marks in every terminal, the scholarships
will continually given to them. Hopefully they become scientists or people who are
needed for the development of our country.
(Taken from: Panduan Menguasai Bahasa lnggris ISMU)

Choose the right answer

1. The scholarship is usually given by the goverment schools or organization to
A. the students
B. farmers and factory workers
C. fishermen and becak drivers
D. the scientists
E. qualified students of a needy familly and orphans

2. If they succeed in their examination or have good marks in every terminal
(paragraph 3 sentence 4)
The underlined words means  "
A. the teacher                          D. the scientists
B. the parents                          E. the people
C. those who get the scholarship

3. Scholarships are needed by qualified students or a needy familly. (paragraph
2 sentence 6). The underlined words refers to
A. the parents                                          D. qualified students
B. public and private institutions               E. the poor parents
C. poor students .

4. Why is ‘scholarships usually an annual grant‘? Because
A. the students should clever
B. the scholarsip is unlimited .
C. the students should spend the time wisely
D. the students should make much progress in every subject they take
E. they enable to continue their students

Text ll
Informal education
Now education takes many fonns. There is formal educatioan, which is carried g
on in schools. And there is informal education, which goes on in other settings.
People are being educated all the time. learning from others and teaming by them-
To most people, education means schools. But education has many other
sources as well as home, farm, museum, television, advertising, newspaper and
magazines, sports events, and practical experience. Education also takes place in
mosques, churches and temples.
A home is a place where people cook, eat, sleep, and care for their children.
Girls can learn how to cook from their mothers, boys can learn from their fathers how
to grow vegetables, to milk a cow and to raise chickens.
Living close to the land, farm children begin to learn the way of nature before
they realize they are teaming. They watch plants develop from tiny seeds. They care
for baby animals from the moment oi birth. Farm children help both parents. Children
gather eggs from the hen coop, help with the gardening. or sort apples for marketing.
Some take the job of feeding and caring for one or more of the farm house.
Museums are places where collections of objects are preserved and displayed.
There are museum devoted to art, science. history; industry, and technology. But mu-
seums are no longer just storehouses for collections. Today nearly all museums,
large or small, carry on eductional programmers. Museums otter guided tours. lec-
tures, films, music recitals. art lessons, and other attractions, Many large museums
have extensive libraries with the help of good librarians open to qualified researches.
Television is not only a source of entertainment, but is also in major of news
and infomiantion, as well as a valuable tool for science, education, and industry.
Minutes after an event takes place, newspapers are on the streets giving de-
tails. Newspapers have one basic purpose — to get the news as quickly as possible
from those who know it to those who want to know it. 
Teaching can take place in a mosque, musholla (small mosque) or 'pondok
pesantren’. The children here are taught about lslamand life. They must never wor-
ship anything or anyone but God. They should not eat pork, drink alcohol or taste
blood. They not gamble.They must help orphans and be kind to strangers. They
should treat other Moslem as their brothers.
(Taken from: Bahasa lnggris Kelas I/SMUI)

5. “People are being educated all the time". This statement means
A. The people should go to school as long as they can
B. The people should learn all the time '
C. The people learn either from other by themselves
D. The people do not give up learning
E. The people learn without taking a rest

6. The informal education means
A. Education inside schools
B. Education that goes on in one setting
C. Education which goes on other settings
D. Education that takes by anyone
E. Education that takes by special people

7. Television is not only a source of entertainment, but is also  (paragraph 6
sentence 1). The Underlined word means
A. having the necessary to entertain
B. showing the entertainment
C. presetting the entertainment
D. playing the great value .
E. something that amuses or interest

8. Learning about anything related to agriculture or horticulture, can be found in
A. one      C. three   E. five and six
B. two      D. four

Text III
Marriage is the union of two persons as husband ad wife. They love each other
and marriage will unite them. So marriage is usually based on true love. They have
come of age and they are couple of marriageable age. lt means they are fit for mar-
riage. A boy of marriageable age is at least twenty-one and a girls of marriageable
age is eighteen. Their powers of body and mind are expected to be fully developed.
The marriage is a civil and religious contract between the bride and the groom.
The religious ceremonies and celebrations very with customs of the country in which
the marriage is held. People of wealth celebrate with festive, that begin two or three
days before the wedding and continue for four or three days after. The bridge is
elaborately dressed in bright colors and wears her finest jewelry. The wedding takes
place at the home of the bride. The service (for Moslem) is performed by Muslim
priest, before at least two male witnesses. Then they get marriage certificate.
All the time of marriage, husband and wife have high expectations for happi-
ness. in this stage the family consists of husband and wife, without any children.
They rent a flat, buy or build a home and learn how to manage their money and how
to combine their jobs with managing a household. A husband earns his money to
support his family and a wife does housework tasks. Perhaps a wile also shares in
earning money. The sometimes quarrel but they try to become friendly again. A wife
should have perfect trust in her husband and so should a husband. They devote
them selves to each other. They should not be jealous. Then they have children. Af-
ter two decades they have grandchildren. They continue to live happily. Their mar-
riage has been a very happy one. Some couples have a chance to celebrate their
silver or 25°‘ wedding anniversary or their golden or 50th wedding anniversary. Only a
few a chance to celebrate their diamond or 60th or 75th wedding anniversary.
Not all couple are very happy ones. Perhaps a jealous wife doesn't really care
for her husband. If they often quarrel and are disappointed, they may decide to be
divorced. The daughters are upset at the decision and weep. The children usually
stay with the mother, and the father is usually able to visit his children or have them
visit him. But some fathers are given the full care of their children. Teenage children
may choose the parent they wish to live with, and some choose the father. ln those
eases the mother becomes the one who visits. .
After a divorce one of both parents often marry again. And often they get the
benefit from the lessons of the first marriage and make a happy second marriage.
This second marriage gives the children a new parent. who is called a stepparent.
(Taken from: B. lnggris 1/SMU)

9. li they often quarrel and are disappointed, they may decide to be divorced: (P.
4 sentence 3). The underlined word means
A. feeling ill-will because others are richer, happier or more succesfull
B. A newly married woman/man
C. Change become different
D. Disturb mentally of physically
E. Put ah end to a marriage

10. The main idea of the first paragraph is  .
A. 1 Marriage based on true love
B. The couple of marriageable 
C. The power of body and mind to get married
D. Marriage
E. The age of marriage

11. they continue to live happily. (paragraph 3, sentence 12).
The underlined word means
A. The grandchildren D. The friendly
B. Some couples E. Husband and wife
C. The children

12. What does the second paragraph tell you about? It's about
A. The wedding party
B. The bride‘s jewelry
C. The marriage’s certificate
D. The people wealth's celebrate
E. lhe contract between bride and the groom

Text iv
Galileo Galilee was born in 1564 in the city of Pisa, Italy. About twenty years
latter he attended the Univesity of Pisa. At first, he wanted to become a doctor, but
while he was there he became interested in science and decided to become a scien-
tist. ln 1592, a year after his father's death, the University of Padua invited him to be
a professor of mathematics. He stayed there for 19 years, where he became
interested in stars. He made an instrument which made far away things look larger
and easier to examine. This was called; the telescope. it could make things lock thirty
two times as big as they looked the eye. Galileo could see many stars through his
telescope and he began to study the stars and other things in the sky.
He studied the moon first and discovered that it was a sphere just like our own
earth, with mountains and valleys. When he studied the stars, he discovered that the
"star” which moved, were not really stars, but worlds like the earth. He proved that
Copernicus was right: the earth and the planets indeed moved around the sun.
Galileo also discovered that one big planet. Jupiter, had four moons, but the made a
mistake by naming them planets.
Galileo discovered many other things too. lt is because of Galileo that we now
Have clocks and watches. He also wrote many important books which opened the
way to the discovery of new things. Unfortunately, in 1673 he lost his eye sight. How-
ever, he continued to work until he passed away on Januari 8, 1642.
(Adapted from: English Senior High School 1)

13. What did Galileo want to be when he wasin Pisa University‘? ‘
A. A Doctors D. A Professor
B. A Mathematician A E. An Astronomer
C. A Scientist

14. When did his Father die?
A. in 1591                C. in 1564 .              E. in 1611
B. in 1592                D. in 1584

15. it could make things look thirty-two times  (paragraph 1)
It refers to 
A. Mathematic         D. Telescope
B. Star                     E. The eye

C. Far away things 

Jawaban Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 1 Smester 1 (part 1)


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