Soal dan Jawaban Ulangan 2 Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 1( Part 2)

Jawaban Ulangan 2 Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 1( Part 2)

Jawaban Ulangan 2 Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 1( Part 2)

21. Last night I promise to fetch her . . . I didn’t I have to apologize to her.
A or                 C. but              E. although
B. and             D. because

22. Anti : l forgot to bring my pencil case.
Titi : OI course, here you are. 
A is it your pen?                    D. May I give you a pen
B. It is your pen, isn't it?       E. Shall I buy a pen
C. Could you and me a pen

23. Fill the blank with the most appropriate words! ‘
Food which is kept too long may (23) . . . because it can be subject to
moulds and bacteria. Canning, (24) . .. protects the product from (25) ... by I
putting it in a well-sealed (26) . . . no chemical preservatives are needed
because this (27) . . . canned food will not deteriorate before the (28) . . .
date labeled on the can.
A boil              C. freeze        E proceed
B. decay         D. weaken

24. A however           C. wherever   E. whichever
B. whatever               D. whenever

25. A that                   C. both           E. neither
B. this             D. either

26. A box                   C. chest          E. container
B. shelf                       D. cupboard

27. A closely                         C. propertyE. partiwlarly
B. strictly                    D. instantly .

28. A aged                 C. ancient      E. expiration
      B. ended              D. finished

2Q. Which of the following utterance does not express permission?
A may I use your pen?         D. I wonder if I could borrow your pen
B. could I use your pen?     E. do you know that I need your pen?
C. mind if I use your pen

30. There's something wrong, . . . . ?
A is there                   C. isn't there              E is not there
B. hasn’t there           D. doesn't

31. Yesterday, when Sinta met us, she said “Let's go for a swim, . . . . ?
A will you       C. do you       E. shall we
B. won't you   D. don't you

32. She's been very kind, . . . . ?
A doesn’t she            C. hasn’t she             E. isn't she
B. wasn't she             D. hadn’t she

33. James : It's very hot in this room ....
Hasan : All right.
A do you mind to close the door
B. do you mind if I close the door
C. can I see you open the door please!
D. would you come with me, please!
E. could you open the window please

34. It! Amirl I have . . . in my pocket. Can you guess what it is! "
A none           C. everything             E something
9. nothing       D. anything

35. A friend of mine . . .' father is the manager of a company helped me to get a
A whose         C. which         E. that
B. whom         D. who

ll. Soal Essay
36. Head this notice!
a. Where does it found?
b. What does it means?
37. Make a sentence expressing agreement.
38. Make a sentence expressing of sympathy. .
39. Complete the dialogue below!
X : Excuse me, sir,. . . , here the parking lot is over there.
Y : Oh, I am sorry, I don't know about it.
40. Dina : It's very hot, in this room, isn’t it?
Tuty : ... Budi?
Budi : Certainly.
What Tuty says to Budi?

Jawaban Ulangan 2 Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 1( Part 2)
28. no answer

36. a. lt found in zoo.
b. lt is for bidden to give the food for the animals.
37. a. That’s a good Idea.
b. I agree with your plan.
38. a. l am terribly sorry to hear that news.
b. How poor you are.
39. You can't park, here.
40. Would you mind to open the window Budi?

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